9 Things We [Designers] Do That We’ll Never Admit…


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One thing I remember being taught in school is, its okay to steal. I’m talking art here, people. Of course, my teacher clarified that with steal to inspire your own work not steal to replicated exactly. All designers steal (that’s not an admission of guilt…), its just one thing we just choose not to admit to anyone outside the art community.

I found a list of the top 9 things designers do that they will never admit to..

1. Steal Stuff

As I mentioned above we all steal for inspiration but this talks more about physical objects, and I’ll admit, I’m totally guilty of this. I like to steal pencils/pens cool markers. If someone lets me borrow them, I sometimes just wait until they ask for it back, in which case they never do. The article states I’m not a criminal though, I’m just “good at gathering.”

2. Procrastinate for…

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